36 degrees East

Eutelsat 36C and 36B coverage zone (the European part of Russia and Ural) accounts for approximately 80% of the country's population. Satellites' coverage zones also include Baltic states, Belarus and Ukraine.

The two biggest Russian satellite operators (NTV-PLUS and Tricolor TV) transmit their packages via 36° E. A customer dish required for receiving a signal from satellites 36C and 36B is only 40-60 сm in diameter. This fact fosters fast 36° E position audience growth.

Today, approximately 12 million DTH households receive a signal from this orbital position and this number is dramatically growing approximately by 250-300 thousand subscribers per month.

Besides 12 million Direct-To-Home subscribers, 12 million cable homes also receive signal which is delivered to head-end Stations via the 36° E satellite.


Eutelsat 36B footprint