New Media Legend's teleport is located in Satellite Communications Center Skolkovo. It is based on three Earth Satellite stations providing uplink onto 4 transponders of Eutelsat 36C and 6 transponders of Eutelsat 36B. Totally they can uplink signal onto up to 24 transponders.

The most up-to-date equipment produced by world leaders in the sphere of satellite communications (Andrew, Newtec, CPI) has been chosen for Earth station's construction. The teleport is based on three antenna systems: two of them are 9 meters in diameter and the third is 7,6 meters.

The Station has automatic redundancy of all basic systems and uninterruptible power system. Shift personnel maintain a station 24 hours a day. Besides uplink, other services including compression, transport streams' processing, monitoring of incoming, outgoing and broadcast signals.

Signal delivery can be implemented by our fiber-optic line from the access node MSK-IX, or by signal retransmission from other satellites.


Earth Station